Breaking The Hymen (Myths)

Virginity – which is tied to the hymen is such a huge deal, especially among Asian and Arabic society. So much, that restoring virginity through different methods from using artificial hymen to hymen reconstruction therapy is quite popular and become an industry. The price even varies, from $20 to $2000 depending on your budget and your preference.

However, did you know that most of the things you know about your Hymen might be not true? Did you even know it’s not related to your virginity? Hold on to your seat, we are going for a ride breaking the common myths that unfortunately many people still believe.

Just a quick overview, these are the important points that we’ll talk about:

  • What is hymen?
  • There is actually no hymen
  • No one can tell you’re a virgin by looking at your hymen
  • It is important to change the wrong perception of what the hymen is to avoid exposure and abuse of women.

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What is hymen?

Where is your Hymen and what is it in the first place? Most people would think they can answer these questions. We know from our parents, teachers or even our Obgyns that it is the sacred symbol of female virginity.

It is said to be a thin skin, like a seal, that will break during your first intercourse. That’s why the first time is painful and we bleed. Many families that want to marry their daughters as virgins see a bloody sheet as the ultimate proof that a woman was married “untouched”. Well, that’s the story we know, the bad thing about it is that it is totally wrong!

There is actually no hymen

The hymen, of which people think it is closing off your vagina does not exist. It is not at all similar to the tin foil on your Nutella jar that has to be punched through to get all down to the pleasures that await on the bottom. Truth is that your Hymen is a skin membrane that is located circularly around the entrance to your vagina. Like a ring. Not closed or shut. Or have you ever wondered why virgins must care about female hygiene products in the first place? If it was all shut, you wouldn’t bleed and got a serious problem down there that a doctor would have to take care off – by cutting it open to avoid serious infections.

Your hymen is as individually special as with any other parts of your body, its shape is unique to you and very flexible. Therefore it’s wrong to think every women has to bleed when she gets deflowered. If you bleed you have been insured. Guess what, it could even be the guys blood being inexperienced as first timer too.

No one can tell you’re a virgin by looking at your hymen

Fun fact, a hymen can look the very same as it always did, even after giving birth. No doctors, partners or anyone can see or feel if you are a virgin or not. 10 years ago Sweden already canceled the use of the word hymen to be replaced by vaginal corona. Because speech forms reality and this new and improved name is closer to reality than anything else. In Germany people even call it “Jungfernhäutchen” which literally translates to virgin skin. So, this problem is obviously not unique to Indonesia or Muslim nations. A total misconception by using the wrong terms to begin with leads to abusive virgin tests in our own nations military and police force based on nonsense and then it’s not even working. Think how ridiculous it would be to apply for a job in sales or marketing, but you will be asked to have someone put two fingers in your vagina before you get the contract. Not to mention its none of their business anyways and they don’t know more than before. Thanks Indonesia, for this abusive practice.

It is important to change the wrong perception of what the hymen is to avoid exposure and abuse of women.

The sheer amount of people who get this wrong lead to virgin shaming and other means of exposure of innocent women. If your parents, your teachers, your doctor and even you yourself got your anatomy wrong there is no change to malpractices, abuse and limited freedom. Generations over generations pass on the wrong knowledge and even cause drama if you can’t present blood on your sheets. This leads to other weird and stupid measures that are taken to satisfy others who shouldn’t even be bothered by your very own business. Hymen reconstructions are a thing where you can put down multiple monthly salaries to get a doctor temper with your vagina for literally no use or benefit at all. Or animal abuse to get some blood to present if your unique vaginal corona doesn’t meet societies expectations.

People carry on to use this wrong term and by doing so they create a reality out of which nothing good is to expect. Be part of the change and educate your mother, your sisters, your friends. And even your brother will benefit by this knowledge as he won’t either worry to hurt his partner, cause pain and bleeding while not even half of women bleed.

What this is all about is just mostly patriarchal bullshit by men who simply want to be sure that the kid is their own. That’s the sole reason for the virginity cult and mysticism about your hymen. You are too good for that and to suffer by the results of this misinformation and wrong beliefs. A trusting relationship is more important than keeping virginity on a high ground. Fuck, you will be a virgin even after rape because to give it up it has to be a consensual thing between two grown-ups that are ready for it.


So what are the takeaways from here? Let’s sum it up and add some more facts.

  1. Your hymen has nothing to do with virginity. You must have consensual sex to lose your virginity
  2. Your hymen won’t break if you masturbate, do sports, use tampons or cups
  3. Your hymen won’t grow shut if you don’t have sex and it was never closed off in the first place.
  4. You don’t need surgery to rebuild your hymen
  5. No one can tell you’re a virgin judging based on your hymen
  6. Your hymen probably won’t even break during intercourse
  7. Your hymen might not even bleed if it breaks and pain is often minimal if it does
  8. Your hymen is unique to you

And the most important take away is probably this: Your hymen is no one else business. It’s yours. Get people to get used to it.

Do you agree or not? Did you worry about your hymen while you were a virgin, or do you limit yourself currently in worries about it could break? Let us know in the comments!

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