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How To Use A Tampon Correctly

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There is a first time for everything. Your period is a part of your life and it is okay to have questions. Don’t be afraid – inserting a tampon is not as difficult as you think. If you know how it works, it is really easy!  And no, you do not loose you virginity doing so. 😊 

cara memakai tampon

Stay calm and relax

You are probably quite nervous when you try it for the first time but don’t be. After a few tries it will be really easy. Just stay relaxed to avoid your muscles to cramp and you will be fine. Take a few deep breaths to calm down.

It is worth it

Contrary to pads tampons are worn inside of your body. That might sound odd but comes with quite some advantages. When inserted properly you wont even be able to feel it. Once you know how to do it you can feel free as if you are not menstruating – do sports, go for a swim for examples. A tampon wont shift during activities and since its inside you its safe from contact with water. Always use a tampon that fits to your current flow and replace it regularly. If its full, just pull the cord. Easy as that! 😊 

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