Say No to Period Shaming: 7 Reasons Why Menstruation is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of!

About more than 49% of world population bleed once a month. Yet, there are still some people who think your period is dirty and shouldn’t be talked about. Welcome to period shaming.

However, there are legit reasons on why this toxic phenomenon needs to be stopped. Here we’ll give you 7 of them.

1. Period shaming is horrible and can be dangerous for women

You might have heard the following statements:

“Periods are gross”

“Can we talk about something else please?”

“Is it this time of the month?”

“Please, that’s disgusting”

Similar with above or worse statements are a common encounter when discussing menstruation, even among close friends and family. Some people even go all the way to comfort themselves by showing aggression towards the female nature (which obviously involves bleeding once a month) or even towards women who don’t show “decency” to hide their nature. In some extreme cases, there’s even cultural traditions to banish women who’s having periods, exposing them to the danger in nature.

2. Period is part of the reason why we are here in the first place

Obviously, the period and the blood we lose are still considered as something “dirty” by quite a substantial amount of uptight people. According to them, period talks should be nowhere taken nor discussed outside of a bathroom. Half of the global population is bleeding once a month during period out of their vaginas and hey, guess what: That’s part of the reason why we are here in the first place!

3. Period is not a taboo

You can call menstruation a lot of names: Crappy, uncomfortable, painful at times and exhausting. However, most of all it’s perfectly normal. Understanding of this simple fact is unfortunately lacking among many people. And I am not only talking about men here, but also women who don’t talk about this topic because it is considered a “taboo”.

4. Period jokes aren’t funny. At all.

The fact that period shaming still exists can take form of people asking if you are on your period just because you’re being vocal or not being ‘nice and obedient’. Or when you’re just in a bad mood. OK, these mostly came from the men who still seem to think we made up PMS as an excuse to be a bitch 12 times a year (if you ever encounter one of them, please run for your life!).

But, I got news for you: Periods are not a joke and PMS is not the point. It’s how they associate menstruation with displeasing attitudes. Just think about not being a ‘bitch’ when day after day your uterus cramps as it wants to get as compact as possible and eventually turn into a black hole. Doctors even admit that period cramps can be as painful as heart attacks. Excuse us if we’re not the most cheerful person during that time then. Even so, it’s not an excuse to label women as PMS-ing just because some men find their attitude isn’t pleasing.

5. Women in period aren’t described correctly in women’s hygiene products advertisement

Another party to blame is most likely the advertisement industry and their unrealistic depiction of periods. How are you supposed to feel like a normal person while menstruating when your blood is not blue like in the female hygiene products TV ads? Of course we’d wake up in white sheets during period, stretch ourselves, and elevates in all white panties though the bedroom like in some ads. They are obviously getting women’s needs and understand their targeted audience…

We all know our reality looks more like waking up and asking ourselves how we could walk upright to the bathroom to check and ease our fear of leaking. Then we’d take a sprint to the bathroom and hope that the mighty gods of menstruation have shown mercy to us and we won’t have to soak our panties in the sink right away (serious question though, is there anyone wearing white panties during her period?). So next time, don’t feel bad if you don’t bleed blue liquid, wear ‘that’ period panties and stay away from white pants.

6. It’s important to talk about period

Discussing about period is important. Not having a proper discussion about it can have several implications. The easiest case is, you’d have little chance to discover about which feminine hygiene products suit you the most, thus missing a chance to find your perfect fit. Sure, majority of women are content with pads, but what if you actually need tampons or menstrual cups? How would you find out if there’s no talk about period happens between your friends and family and little discussion about it is happening on internet?

At the worst case, you’re risking of fail to detect serious health problem in your body. Imagine that your bad cramps – that you always thought is normal, actually isn’t? It goes without saying that doctors will give the best suggestions, but talking about your period and comparing stories with your friends and family will help you to detect any abnormality with your body. So, start talking about it and don’t listen to anyone who thinks talking about period is embarrassing.

7. You’re still a normal person and as desirable whether or not you have a period. Stay away from those who disagree with this!

Some men do not idealize periods, they make it the most horrible and disgusting thing in the world. Put that record on repeat and after a while you’d believe it too and feel uneasy about having it.

They’d also make jokes about your period and tell you to not being a crybaby and insist on going out, while minutes ago you almost fainted due to a hard cramp. They don’t understand how it could happen that a turquoise ribbon found its way out of your panties and why you probably prefer not to have sex on the first days of your period.

Of course there are also some men that won’t laugh if your pads, tampons, or menstrual cup fall out of your purse when you pay for them in department stores. Those who like to have sex with you during period without the need to feel ashamed of leaving a tiny red spot on the linens (or prepare well and just take a dark towel). That lovely type exists and they are out there!

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